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We are the pioneer in the field of entertainment catapulting people to the next level.We have more than two decades of experience which comes in handy during the needs. Having a lot of experience under the belt and we have the best team in generating eventful virtues. We have lots of emcee,DJ and VJ under our umbrella. and our events are tailor made for you by our heritage and expertise.

Our DJ Team

Our Team


The emcee goes about as the host at an event. His obligations rely on upon the kind of occasion he is facilitating. Since the part is so obvious, the MC's specifically influences the temperament of the visitors, their receptivity and their satisfaction. A gifted MC in some cases known as emcee screens the motivation adequately so that an occasion goes easily.


Disk Jockeys or DJs are required to play musical recordings in gatherings or occasions. Parts of these experts differ upon the reason or the setting of the music. They may work for radio stations where they play musical determinations from playlists. Among kinds played by DJs are exemplary rock, substantial metal, grown-up contemporary, light shake, jazz, nation western, gangsta rap, hip bounce, among other music styles.


Feel the musicality of the absolute most prevalent and remarkable Bollywood and Western move shapes throbbing through the veins of our chief choreographers. Be it a corporate do, sangeet sandhya (weddings), preparing or wellness we have the right style set up to fit your moving shoes